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    We started to cooperate with China Academy of science (CAS) in 2001 and successfully developed YULONG MBBR media in 2007.
    — ISBAS庐 process combines the YULONG Biofilm technology with activated sludge in the same tank.
    — The ISBAS庐 is not only suitable for municipal wastewater but also each be used for some industrial applications.
    — Excellent Doctor teams could provide reliable technical support and design tailor-made sollution for your actual wastewater project, YULONG has rich experience in doing a lot of successful projects (in pharmaceutical, food industry, etc.,) with MBBR technology
    — The prospect of MBBR process technology has been proved to be quite optimistic because of the characters of saving footprint (The land becomes more expensive because of over development of real estate.) We would like to stand by you to develop more market by using our CORE technology MBBR/ISBAS庐.
    Specific Gravity(g/cm鲁)>0.96>0.96>0.96
    Bulk Density(piece/m鲁)3650009500058000
    Efficient Surface(m虏/m鲁)>850>500>350
    Voidage Ratio(%)>85>90>92
    Dosage Ratio(%)15~6015-7015~50
    Biofilm Forming Time(day)3~153~153~15
    Nitrification Efficiency(g NH4-N/m鲁.day)400~1200400~1200300~800
    BOD5 Oxidation Efficiency(g BOD5/m鲁.day)2000~100002000~100001000~5000
    COD oxidation efficiency(g COD/m鲁.day)2000~150002000~150001000~10000
    Applicable Temperature(鈩?5~405~405~40
    Service Life(year)>15>15>15
    1) Bioflim forming time is 3~15 days, the fastest is only 2 days. Do not culture of bacteria in advance. The formula scientific substance support the growth of heterotrophic and autotrophic microorganism within its cells
    2) Special Surface Treatment
    – Larger and Roughness Inner Surface to Enhance Microble cell Adhension and Biofilm Forming Rapidly
    3) Good Hydrophilicity
    – Add Hydrophilic Groups to Improves Biofilm Formation and Biomass
    4) The surface of our MBBR media is with positive Charge which promote Microorganism Growth , the study report most of microorganisms take negative charge.
    5) Biomass (g/m虏) 10 – 20
    6) High efficience removal of BOD5,COD, TSS etc
    Hot Products
    Jiangsu Yulong Environment Protection Co., Ltd. founded in 1995, is engaged in research and development of water treatment technology and equipments for a long time. Primary business of our company include, engineering general contract for environment, development, integration and sale of environmental equipments, one-stop service for customers from project consultation and process design to production and engineering construction. Yulong Environment Protection Co., Ltd is a national new & hi-tech enterprise and provincial private technology enterprise. Our company owns multiple technological patents of water treatment, patents of environmental equipments and national key products and new & hi-tech products. We also establish a close horizontal cooperation with many colleges and universities, such as Nanjing University, Beijing University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. scientific research institutions and designing institutions. Our company relies on multi-layer technical force and improved quality assurance system to dedicate to creating values for customers. Adhering to the 鈥渟incerity foremost, credit based, people oriented and harmony valued鈥?principles, Yulong E. P. has kept innovating and developing and grown up fast to an environmental protection enterprise with professional characteristics so as to make contributions to the development of the cause of environmental protection.China MBBR Media manufacturers