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    Product description
    Glass silk printing is a process of glass processing, which is painted by the screen printer with the necessary design. It is also called ceramic coated glass, enamel glass, screen printing glass, serigraph decorative glass and so on. According to screen printing principle, the printing ink onto the glass surface, and then using ink curing measures, printed patterns firmly durable. The silk screen printing glass technological process is as follows: tense net-starch-drying-printing-printing down-develop-dry glass-cutting-deal with glass edge -clean and dry -sintering. In the last process of sintering, the glass is also be tempered at the same time. The glass for printing can be cut according to the requirements of the user, it can be regular shape or irregular shape, then grinding, washing, drying and waiting for use. Special attention should be paid here to the fact that no trace of water can be found on the surface of the glass.
    -Simple and easy to be operated, low cost, strong adaptability
    -Bright color, never fade and fall off
    -Low chances of injuries as it will be small blunt pieces when breaks
    -Draw a variety of patterns and bring visual enjoyment
    Display windows
    Partition wall
    Building space zoning
    Car windshield
    Mosaic glass
    Furniture decoration
    Game tools
    Countless decorative
    Artistic creations
    Thickness: 3mm-12mm
    Type: Silk-screen printing tempered glass, Silk-screen printing insulating glass, Silk-screen printing laminated glass
    Size: 1220*1830mm, 1500*2000mm, 1830mm*2440mm and customized
    Printing pattern: As customizedChina Decorative Glass