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    High voltage flameproof motors Exp refers to our YZYKK & YZYKS series high voltage positively pressurized induction motors. The motors are equipped with a purging and pressurization system. Purging function supplies an enclosure with a protective gas at sufficient flow and positive pressure so as to reduce the concentration of flammable gas or vapor to an acceptable level; Pressurization function supply an enclosure with a protective gas, with or without continuous flow, at sufficient pressure to prevent the entrance of flammable gas, vapor, combustible dust, or ignitable fiber.
    They are Expx and Expz, two types of high voltage flameproof motors Exp. Expx type is suitable for zone 1 and zone 2, and Expz for zone 2 only. Expx type can also be used for coal mines.
    Ex Marks for High Voltage Flameproof Motors Exp
    鈼廍xpx I Mb for coal mines;
    鈼廍xpx IIT4 Gb, Exepx IIT4 Gb (with the terminal box increased safety type) and Exdepx IIT4 Gb (with increased safety terminal box and Exd type other components) are for zone 1 and zone 2;
    鈼廍xpz IIT4 Gc, Exepz IIT4 Gc and Exdepz IIT4 Gc are for zone 2.
    Basic Characteristics of High Voltage Flameproof Motors Exp
    Frame Size: 315-630mm;
    Rated Voltage: 6kV, 10kV (others are available)
    Rated Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
    Rated Power: 160kW to 5600kW
    Poles: 2-20P
    Thermal Class: F
    Temperature Rise: B, F
    Cooling Method: IC611 (TECACA) or IC81W (TECACW)
    Mounting Type: IMB3
    Protection Level: IP44, IP54, IP55
    Duty: S1 continuous
    Ambient temperature: -20鈩?to +40鈩?/p>
    Altitude: up to 1000m as standard.High Voltage Motors manufacturers