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    Tudor Ranger

    There’s nothing special about the Tudor Ranger. It did not accompany adventurers to Mount Everest or Antarctica. Even the name “Ranger” isn’t quite as bold as Explorer or Submariner — perhaps prefixing it with words like “Force,” “National Park,” or “Walker Texas” conjures images A more modest image.

    But the Tudor Ranger—the h…[더 보기]

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    Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino

    Astronomia Casino watch by Jacob & Co. A fully functional Micro Roulette under a sapphire glass dome. The wheels, decorated with spectacular green, red, black enamel and mahogany inserts, are driven by a pusher at 8 o’clock, which also winds the movement. Personalise the watch by placing the owner’s lucky number on a…[더 보기]

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